Prairie progress report by Richard Robison

We are finishing up the natural stone retaining walls in the rear and on the side yard which needed to be completed prior to framing for access purposes. We have also completed the rear yard infiltration trench and underground drains to control water run off. Framing will begin this week.  

IMG_9946 (2).jpg

Praire Style in Fairway, Kansas by Richard Robison


Having worked in Lincoln, Nebraska and the surrounding area for 45 years we are now also working in the Kansas City area building a house for our daughter and her family. 

Previously I have designed houses for clients to be build elsewhere. In one case we built 3 custom homes in Lincoln for a family and then designed a home to be built in southern California when they moved there. In another after having designed and completed a whole house remodeling project near Lincoln when the client moved I designed a house to be built in North Carolina.   

The Reinhardt area of Fairway Kansas is a great location in close and filled with young families.