A home should be designed around it's owner. We provide innovative ideas & detailing to make your home unique. Your home should be imaginative yet practical and suited pertectly to your life-style.    


Our process is clear, direct & practical. It is a tool, honed by years of use, which creates the framework within which we can be free to design & build projects the way we do best. 

Whether your project is remodeling, an addtion or a new home the process is pretty much the same.  

First we 


Preliminary design

Preliminary estimate/budget

Design development 

Working drawings

3-d modeling

New Homes

Whether you like traditional, transitional, modern or an eclectic style, Robison Design Build will work with you to provide form and funciton in a value driven affordable design solution. 

Good design is at the heart of a succesful project. 

Robison Design Build will build a home for your busy life-style, personal tastes and budger. 

For over 40 years we have been building custom homes of all prices in and around Lincoln,. 

Additions & Remodeling

We bring our vast knowledge and experience to improving a home's functionality, value and appearance to all of our addition & remodeling projects.  


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